A Farewell to “Maggie”

Posted by on Oct 13, 2023

Paula’s Farwell

People fell in love with Maggie’s big brown eyes, they held such compassion.  People with therapy dogs always felt comfortable introducing their therapy dogs to Maggie.  The dogs could sniff at her, and she would stand perfectly still.  Maggie brought lots of joy and comfort to so many people.  She taught children how to show respect for animals.  She visited nursing homes, libraries, schools, malls, stores and walked along the lakeshore, always spreading joy and comfort.  Maggie is missed here at Rocky Run Stables.  She unselfishly gave so much of herself.  She knew she was on a mission every time she went out on an outreach.  We are sure she is now carrying on her comforting therapy and entertaining ways in Heaven.  She will be loved there as much as she was loved here.

Beth’s Farewell

Paula and I traveled to meet Gracie, hoping that she would be fit for our mini outreach program.  A little palomino mare’s eyes followed me the whole time while we were assessing Gracie, as if to say, “don’t forget about me.”  I dreamt about the little mare that night and called the owner the next day to ask about her.  The owner said that she was Gracie’s mother and sent photos of her walking down the road calmly as cars whizzed by and sent me a photo of both minis at the Minnesota Horse Expo when Gracie was very young.  I decided that Maggie would come along with Gracie to our farm.  The owner said that Maggie didn’t enjoy being touched, but lots of love and time brought out Maggie’s true personality and she became a steady, reliable mini for countless children and adults to interact with, brush, read to and learn about horses and their behavior.  Maggie’s little quirk was that she didn’t want us to pet her on her face, but when she went to work, she allowed her face to be pet by all.  Maggie is greatly missed by all of us.  I will never forget those beautiful, big brown eyes gazing at me over her shoulder and telling me that “if I was to take Gracie to my farm, she needed to come as well.”  Thank you, Maggie, for your gracious love and understanding of all of us.  I know you are running free in Heaven.  Until we meet again…..