Winter’s Quiet

Beautiful winter landscape at Rocky Run Stables

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the winter landscape as you and your horse head out on the trails at Rocky Run Stables. Inhale the fragrance of the pines. Feel the snowflakes melt on your cheeks. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings of Rocky Run Stables.

Paddocks and west pasture in winter

Trail riding in the snow is a whole new experience. Take it slow and keep an eye out for icy spots.

Winter is a ideal time to continue training activities with your horse. In the 60’ by 90’ indoor riding arena, you and your horse can encourage each other while learning something new or reinforcing a newly learned activity.

You might decide now is the time to get him used to stepping onto bridges by having him walk across a piece of plywood lying on the floor.

Or you might practice moving away from pressure or yielding to the bit. Learning and reinforcing these skills will make the coming spring riding season even more enjoyable.

Wintertime is a good time to utilize clicker training to work on problematic behaviors or to teach new behaviors. Clicker training reinforces positive communication between you and your horse.

Winter time is a great time to learn about equine sports massage. The horses and you have a great teacher in Beth, the owner and operator of Rocky Run Stables. Imagine the look in your horses eyes when he feels the soothing comfort of your touch. His tense muscles will relax and he may begin to move more freely.

And finally, winter is a great time to photograph your horse. Since sunrise is so late and sunset is so early, chances are you can be at the barn when the filtered sunlight adds that lovely glow to all it touches.