Summer at the Rocky Run Stables

The apples are ripening on the trees and the asters are blooming in the fields. As I walk along the fencerow in the evening, the horses come looking for a treat. And yes, my pocket does contain apples from the tree.

Riders look forward to working outside in the outdoor arena and riding the trail loop through the pines in the summer.  Daisies and Black-eyed Susans spring up along the paths. Early morning and evening are the best times to ride to escape the summer heat.

The horses at Rocky Run Stables enjoy spending time in the pastures during the summer. When not in the pastures, the horses spend summer days dozing under barn fans away from the heat and the pesky bugs. Fly predators are released at dusk to help control the flies. Horses enjoy spending their nights in the pastures when bugs are not as active and the non-structural carbohydrates in the pastures are at their lowest. Our “portly” horses or horses with metabolic syndrome issues are kept on dry lots and fed hay. They look forward to the few bites of grass they sometimes receive!

Our time is spent cleaning and mowing paddocks and trails to help with weed control.  Late summer building and repair projects at the farm.

Boarders look forward to the show season, trail riding and clinics during the summer months.  It’s fun to hear their stories when they come back from their adventures!!